Tara is a filmmaker, artist, and a delightful person. This is her website.
​                 Feel free to poke around. Hope you like what you see.


​​​​​I have launched a glass studio that focuses on stained glass windows and traditional glass painting. You can see examples of my work on the Sleepy Possum Glass page and learn more about it through my Kickstarter campaign page here. I will also be offering smaller, completed pieces on my Etsy store soon.

I recently opened my own Etsy store. It currently features small, wire animal sculptures, but the inventory will expand to other creations over time.

​​In July, I am set to be the art director on a micro-budget feature called "New Comic Day".

​In April, I also worked on my first studio film, "Prisoners", a day player - set PA. ​

​In early April I worked as a puppeteer on the short film "Ed Is A Portal", produced by The New Puppet Order for the Center for Puppetry Arts Experimental Puppet Theater series in Atlanta, GA.

​​​In March, I attended the world premier of "Holy Ghost People" at SXSW in Austin. My first job on a feature and I was the set decorator.

​​In Feb. finished working as set dresser on a Syfy Channel film titled "Atlantic Rim", directed by Jared Cohn

From December '12 through February '13 I worked as set decorator on a film titled "Dancin' It's On", directed by David Winters.
Tara K Clark