Tara lives for making things. Ever since she was small, well smaller, she has been making things out of things. Dolls out of socks and scraps, jewelry out of whatever was lying around, paintings out of paint, friends out of air. Whatever needed to be made.

After studying visual art in high school and writing in college, she turned her focus to film. And no wonder, considering she was raised by a writer/sailor/film buff father and a lawyer mother. Stories, adventure, and pragmatism all lead her down the road of filmmaking, and an MFA in film production from the Florida State University Film School.

Now, with a light in her eyes and a spring in her step (so long as she remembers to see her chiropractor), Tara is venturing into the film industry armed with many words, a willingness to do anything to make movies, and a special love for horror films, children’s films, and any variation/combination of the two.